Meet Our Team

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Dr. Kenneth Nash

Co-Principal Investigator (PI)

Laurie Jones

Co-Principal Investigator (PI)

Tanya Walburn

Director of Training and Coaching

Dave Ozias

Training Coordinator

Natasha Kara

Statewide Credentialing Coach

Alice Chrostowski

Statewide Credentialing Coach/Trainer

Chad Owens

Statewide Youth Support Partner Specialist/Mentor

Jennifer Lichok

Research Project Assistant

Monica Payne

Evaluation Director

Will McKenna

Database Manager

Samantha Pulleo

Project Analyst

AnnaMaria Segreti

Research Project Coordinator

Eileen Domin

Administrative Coordinator

Ashley Danny

Program Coordinator

Stephen Terhorst

Systems Analyst

Chad Jacob

Research Associate

Wendi Buzzanco


Ed McKenna


Michele Penner