Natasha Kara

Natasha Kara

Statewide Credentialing Coach

Natasha is a Statewide Credentialing Coach for the Youth and Family Training Institute (YFTI) which is a part of the University of Pittsburgh. She provides support to the High Fidelity Wraparound (HFW) workforce as they become credentialed and begin implementing the HFW model within their counties. She is responsible for providing on-site, video, and phone coaching as a support to the training and credentialing team at YFTI.

Prior to her position at YFTI, Natasha worked as a Team Coach in York County Pennsylvania for five years. She has also directed several mental health programs within different counties over the past 25 years and has experience within the case management and counseling field while working at a variety of mental health organizations for children and adults. Natasha has helped to develop programs that work to build strong community ties within York, Adams, Franklin and Fulton counties. These programs vary from case management and peer support, to in-home counseling. These programs have worked to encourage individuals to build healthy lives while remaining independent within the community.

Natasha received her Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Florida International University and her Master’s Degree in Community Psychology and her Doctorate in Education from Pennsylvania State University. She is currently working towards receiving her license as a Professional Counselor and has a license as a Behavioral Specialist (BSL).

Natasha spends much of her summer at the beach with her family where she is able to practice her own wellness. She also dedicates much of her time to building a stronger community by serving an active roll.