Attention Parents/Caregivers
Join the Advisory Board…Your Voice Matters! 
The Diabetes Wraparound Program of Children’s Hospital of UPMC is seeking interested parents who are or have raised a child or children (ages 12-15) with Type 1 Diabetes (T1D)to become part of an Advisory Board.  Meetings will be monthly and all expenses, plus a stipend for your time, will be provided. more information and an application go to
The purpose of this Advisory Board is to oversee the development, implementation and management of the new Diabetes Wraparound Program of UPMC Children’s Hospital.
The goal of this program is to: 1) develop, implement, test, and refine innovative ways to support youth (ages 12-15) with T1D and their families recognizing that youth and families experience many stressors related to T1D management; and 2) to address and remove barriers to achieve successful living with T1D.
This is a competitive process and only seven youth and seven family members will be selected.
Please submit your application no later than September 30, 2018