Case Management - Service Coordination Information

Please click here for our updated Tip Sheet.

Please click here for the updated Registration Form for the Basic Case Management test.

Please click here for the updated Registration Form for the Child Case Management test.

We’ve changed the case management testing process a bit. Here are a few items:

  • OERP no longer requires that the entire test packets be sent to us. The agencies keep the test answers and scores for seven years in the event OMHSAS requests them during an audit. OERP only requires the completed Registration Forms.
  • Registration Forms have been updated. All questions need to be completed.
  • Supervisors now score the tests. Scores need to be 80% or better to pass.  
  • Each question in the Basic CM test is worth 3 points. Each question in the Child CM test is worth 4.5 points (totals will be slightly higher than 100).
  • Supervisors note the score (among other information) on the Registration Forms.
  • The completed Registration Form is all that OERP requires. Please send it to: ‘Attn. Delphine Giles’. You can attach it to an e-mail and send it to or fax it in to 412.204.9110. The certificates will be sent in four to six weeks.
  • Our survey/evaluation is now being done online. The link is:  

Please contact Doreen Barkowitz at if you have questions.

Thank you!